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I was just about to go to bed and wanted to check my clicks at clicksure.com and **BOOM**  $102,14 EXTRA TODAY! I still have several products on the 1st page of Google and sometimes happens that people are looking still for reviews of past product launches… and this is the magic moment of happines before someone goes to sleep!

affiliate marketing success

The method how you can DIY is explained in this blog, “Affiliate Marketing Success“. Just set up some reviews, write some articles and future magic payment system done…
BUT; better is it always to earn a residual income, how you can do that is easily explained here.

Ultimate WP Blogging Review

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Is Ultimate WP Blogging Review really worth the money or is it a scam?

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Ultimate WP Blogging Review Overview:

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Ultimate WP Blogging Review Scam?

We have thoroughly tested the Ultimate WP Blogging Review and from our report it is a powerful product that really gives value to the clients, and we highly recommend buying it.

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There are many scam e-courses at the General niche, that promise a lot but rarely deliver. This is not one of them: the Ultimate WP Blogging Review gets the job done and provides you with real value.

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* Doesn’t Require Big Initial Capital
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8 Weeks Money Back Guarantee

You are also protected by 60 Days Money Back Guarantee so your purchase is risk free and you are safe.
If you don’t like this course, or for any other reason, you can just ask for your money back within 60-Days and that’s it – you get a refund, no questions asked.
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How To Make a Review On Slideshare!

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I used Slideshare many times to get my reviews well ranked on Google.
Slideshare is a high authority site that gets awesome 1st page rankings in no time.
Follow this guide to push your reviews to the 1st page on Google and all the other major search engines!

Get 1st page rankings with your Slideshare reviews!

Slideshare is a place where you can share in public documents like .pdf and powerpoint presentations, So nothing easier than this!

I guess, you think now: “I don’t know how to make Powerpoint presentations and/or write PDF`s and I also haven’t the right software!”

As 1st you should know there are Open Source programs for everything on the internet, so it’s not necessary to buy expensive Software!

To make amazing looking Powerpoint presentations and write attractive PDF`s you can use Open Office, the best Open Source Office kit you can find on the whole Internet! (The same like Windows Office! Word, Excell, Powerpoint…etc,etc…)

See the video!

Don’t forget to ping your videos, blogposts and Reviews!

Remember if you need any kind of assitance add me to Skype!


Don’t Know What To Write About! Do you have this problem?

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Let me show you how to find good ideas about what you can write today a post about!

For example you can go to the Clickbank.com Marketplace and find any product you like to write about, if it’s about pet care or religious things, Clickbank has for sure a product in your niche!

If you need to help to find a good product, don’t mind to ask me in any moment!

Once I wrote an article on an old blog from blogger.com and I wrote about how to get your ex back with SMS text messages… I made honestly over $400 in paychecks with one single article! See all the sales with VENDOR: TXTYOUREX

Here the proof:
textyour ex

It’s posible to earn money online you just need to learn to see posibilities…
Make your wishes come true, earn enough money to live by doing what you like, write about whatever you know, but offer something to sell, the best is a related product! ;)

This was the product to text your ex back!

You can write about love and relationships just cloak you raffiliate link and start promoting them on facebook articles or on other article sites… Need detailed help? Add me to Skype!



How To Optimize Your Efforts And Keep A Part Of Your Traffic

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When you dedicate to this business it’s recommendable to optimize your efforts you had in the past.
I mean, imagine you promote every month 7 good products and generate meanwhile the product launch a lot of traffic, if people buy the product or not, when you put a squeezepage infront of the product you can keep easily 70% of the generated traffic and send them in the future some promotional emails, because you have what you wanted in a huge mailing list, people that buy on the internet!

Lets see this examples in numbers…
Imagine with every product you promote you can get 4 reviews on the 1st and 2nd site on Google, and each review has about (ONLY!!!) 300 visitors, thats 1200 visitors in only one product so count that from this 1200 visitors 50% click your link and 50% of them sign up to the squeezepage to see the product…


If you count that for 7 products you promote in one month you can imagine how huge will be your mailing list after a year! Those mailing lists bring money in many diffrent ways I will explain that in another article, stay tuned! :)


OH NO! I don’t have Photoshop! NO PROBLEM!

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Do you would like to edit your images with Photoshop but you don’t have it?
You wish to create nice banners and or create nice attention calling squeezepage images?

No Problem!

Here are some solutions for those that don’t want to waste a single dime in image creating programs!

As first there is the free version of Photoshop CS2.
If you don’t want to download and install nothing there is another great solution online called pixlr.com!

pixlr.com is a highly recommendable tool! Just try, it’s easy!

Just go to one of the above mentioned pages and find out how to work with those programs. If you need tutorials, you can find a lot of them on youtube or ask me! ;)


How To Cloak Your Affiliate Links

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Here is how you can cloak your affiliate links and make them more atractive to click for others.

The easiest way is using www.socialmediabar.com

Another pretty tricky way to cloak your affiliate links is the following way, please watch the entire video!
(This method only works if you have your own hosting and domain!)

This is the link I want to cloak with a simple .PHP redirection:
After cloaking I have a much more atractive link to share everywhere!

This .PHP redirection is completely legal and you can use it as many times you like!
Just copy and paste this script on an empty note block and name it index.php when saving it!

header(“Location:   http://www.empowernetwork.com/almostasecret.php?id=joinshelly”);

Where you can see the “http://www.” please change the whole link for any other link you wish to cloak!

Download here the firefox addon – fire FTP to access your server.
(Need help? Just add me to Skype: Lunatix2 or send me a PM on facebook!)

How To Write a Good Review at Apsense?

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Apsense is like facebook, just another social business network! The best thing on Apsense is its positioning in Google when you write a review there… Please watch the following Video to learn how to make a good review on Apsense!

Still don’t have an account at Apsense?
Create one here!


So you can write many more reviews at other places on the internet.
Here are some more examples about good review sites easy to rank on Google.



Your Empower Network Blog

How To Build Backlinks

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Here is an easy to follow step by step guide about how to build backlinks. There are several different ways to do that. You can buy a gig on fiverr.com or you can build backlinks of your own, here is how… Here are some sites where you can easily set some backlinks, just sign up and click on the button submit! http://twomorelinks.com/ 

http://linkz.us/upcoming.php  OK, before I post here 1000 different links to Backlink pages, just visit the following sites and Discover over 2000 Good Backlink sites! ;) http://webipro.com/
http://socialbookmarkingsiteslist.co/ Last but not least here are a selection of Do Follow Bookmarking Sites!

Dofollowlovers.com Freeurlopener.com Bookmarkspecial.com Dofollowloves.com Dofollowdon.com Bookmarkchina.com Bookmarkstatus.com Tweetscounter.com Trafficsboom.com Adsbookmark.com Bookmarks143.com Bookmarklogin.com Aboutbookmark.com Bookmarkwriter.com Specialbacklinks.com Tweetsden.com Advertisebookmark.com Couponscodesindia.com Bookmarkdo.com Dofollow143.com Bookmarksden.com Bookmarksblue.com Bookmarks007.com Adsbookmark.info Getcouponscodes.com

Just take your time to set a link on any page you can, you can do it step by step, don’t need to do it all in one single day! :) You can post on these sites your youtube videos or your blog post article, it will work very well, you’ll see! For those who are to lazy to get all this done by hand, here is an amazing backlink software. Don’t wonder why it’s so expensive. It’s not any BS software, it’s a tool that works very well!